Our shipyard offers all its maintenance or other services directly managed by the marina.  This means that we can offer immediate assistance as well as peace of mind at a low price for our clients.

This type of management is also preventative- we prevent possible problems by advising our clients of any possible problems that could come up and advising clients of the proper use of maintenance materials and services for their vessels.

We make an effort to make our port facilities a place of relaxation and enjoyment where any problems that could come up have an easy solution.

Our facilities are composed of 5000 square metres of shipyard where one can find the following services:

  • Connection to water with a pressure level of 3 atm.
  • Electricity currents at 220 volts and 380 volts
  • Air supply for pneumatic machinery
  • Travelift up to 35 GRT elevation, with a maximum of 7 metres
  • A forklift for engine removal.
  • Ramp 7 metres wide for vessels with a length no greater than 7 metres
  • Hydraulic carts to displace vessels inside the facilities
  • A covered space closed to the public for winterizing engines and later storage
  • Safekeeping service for pneumatic and semi-pneumatic dinghies and inflatable life rafts
  • Hazardous waste collection.
  • Black water pump-out service
  • Inspections / check-ups for vessels as well as detailed budgeting for maintenance

We offer to our clients the following services: