Treatments for the underwater

The area below the waterline consists of all of the surface area of the boat which comes into direct contact with the sea.  It is marked by the waterline and the idea of it is based on the Archimedes Theorem.  We know that this is one of the most important aspects of the boat, as a successful journey depends on the security of the hull.

It’s common knowledge that the bottom of hulls must be protected in order to prevent damage and keep marine organisms from adhering to them.  We use several different methods to prevent damage to the hull:

- Anti-fouling – There are various brands and patents, and all of them serve to put a protective barrier between the sea and the hull.

- Zinc anodes- Zinc anodes protect the structure of your boat and help to prevent electrolysis, broadly defined as a chemical reaction and phenomenon caused by currents or voltages when the medium is water.

- Seacock  - Seacocks and/or valves keep through-hull fittings watertight, and are adversely affected by corrosion and small snails.

At our facilities we offer a great variety of treatments and services for the maintenance and protection of hulls for the hull itself as well as the ejes, colas, helices, etc.

The services we offer in this department are as follows: